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An award-winning app for field workers

Used by businesses globally to control jobs from a client’s first call through to invoicing.


Simplify and streamline your operations
Take control of jobs from a client’s first call through to invoicing.

> Manage jobs & staff
> Real-time GPS staff tracking
> Quote on site
> Record notes, photos & videos
> Complete PDF forms 
 Instant invoicing
> Capture customer signatures
> Accept credit card payments
> Sync with your accounting package

What is ServiceM8?

ServiceM8  manages and coordinates the interaction of a business between its staff and its clients, simply and cleverly.
By integrating all aspects of your business into an easy, cloud-based, booking and billing system, ServiceM8 allows you to streamline the way you do things and become far more productive, professional and profitable.


Setup, Training & Pricing

Don’t have time to learn ServiceM8 yourself. Need help with customising forms & template? Our friendly & professional staff can ensure that you get the most out of using the system.


Recurring Jobs

Recurring jobs allow you to take control of your weekly, monthly & yearly job schedule, while reminders ensure that no job is missed.


Mobile App & Field Worker Mobility

Field workers receive all their job details on their mobile devices, instantly. Office staff can monitor the live status of all jobs through the dispatch board and track staff locations.


Mobile Invoicing

Streamline your invoicing procedure by generating invoices in the field upon job completion. You’ll get paid sooner and get your cash flow positive.


Form Customisation

From Job Safety Analysis & Risk Assessment forms to Inspections & Certificates of Compliance, we have all your form needs covered. And we can also create professional-looking quotes & invoice templates.


Accounting Integration

ServiceM8 seamlessly integrates with MYOB, Xero & Quickbooks Online. No more double handling and a significant reduction in data entry to streamline your business process.

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Booking, Scheduling & Live GPS Tracking

Quickly & easily book jobs and schedule them to your field workers. GPS tracking allows you to know where all your staff are so you can make smart scheduling decisions.


Quotes & Estimates

Generate accurate quotes and estimates – in the office or on the go. Get them out on time and win more business. Save time and look professional.

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In the Field

Staff are instantly notified when new jobs have been assigned to them. As staff complete their jobs in the field, the ServiceM8 App allows them to record job completion notes, take photos, add tasks, and invoice your customers instantly.

At the Office

Admin staff can see how a job is progressing in real-time (including viewing field staff on a live map via GPS), and once completed, jobs can be approved to your accounting system with a single mouse click, greatly reducing back-office admin time.

How it Works
5 simple steps to effectively using ServiceM8 for business

Book it

Client calls to book a job with one of your field workers

Schedule it

Job details are entered into ServiceM8 and scheduled

Dispatch it

Field workers receive job details on their schedule ready to complete

Do it

Field workers complete job and completion notes sent back to office

Invoice it

Field worker invoices your client via the ServiceM8 mobile app

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Our Services


From basic technical support to complete setup & training, we can get you up and running in very little time and with a minimum of fuss.

Our personalised training and consulting programs are tailored specifically to your needs and questions. We can conduct these sessions either face-to-face or online using TeamViewer (a screen-sharing program), and your actual ServiceM8 data. As it is not a group webinar following a set course, it allows for personal interaction between you and our trainers throughout the entire session. So sessions progress at a pace that you are comfortable with. Feel free to stop and ask questions, or even ask your trainer to stop and repeat certain topics to gain a complete understanding.

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